September 03, 2004

08:51 AM dublin time

i seem to be finding it much easier to describe things with pictures rather than words so for the time being i will continue to do just that at

au revoir!


July 16, 2004

11:18 PM dublin time

oxegen was great.

highlights were pj harvey, the republic of loose, sissor sisters, orbital, the darkness and hanging out with friends.

in true festival style i succeeded in not changing my t-shirt and trousers for the two days. i was delightfully minging afterwards. and glad to get home to a shower.

thanks to laura for the photos:


July 09, 2004

01:12 PM dublin time

picture a dog to whom you've just mentioned the word 'walk' and you've got my current emotional state.

i'm sitting in work, where the radio is being played and all the radio talk is about oxegen - the fantabulous music festival that's happenning this weekend - at which in approximately 21 hours i will be in attendance!!


can't wait, wan't wait can't wait, wan't wait can't wait, wan't wait can't wait, wan't wait ............


June 19, 2004

12:15 PM dublin time

aonghus on the nightlink home last night at about 1.30am:

"sorry. i didn't hear anything you said. i was too busy admiring my socks."

and he was serious!


June 08, 2004

10:26 PM dublin time

my first day at work was so good [well, i didn't get fired anyway] that afterwards, i swam all the way to the rock and back, and defrosted the freezer, and went through the itemised phone bill [that's been waiting for many weeks] and sorted out the mile high pile of papers on my desk and blogged.

if tomorrow's good, i might start replying to email.